Warner Creek Works Towards a Shared Cause

Warner Creek Work Crew

The Warner Creek Correctional Facility (WCCF) community work crew warms the hearts and homes of low-income seniors and veterans through a collaborative community firewood program.

Collins Pine donates logs to the Lake County community that are unsuitable for milling, then the WCCF work crew cuts and splits these logs into firewood. The Lake County Community Corrections crew delivers the firewood to qualifying recipients.

This program is a community driven effort that exists on a voluntary basis through the generosity of several providers.

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Warner Creek Correctional Facility Opens a New Transitional Community Unit

Transitional Community Unit

Warner Creek Correctional Facility (WCCF) became the first Oregon Department of Corrections facility to open a Transitional Community Unit (TCU).

The TCU will provide a more normalized environment due to living in a retrofitted housing unit with less of a population than other units for the adults in custody (AIC). Other privileges include are more storage, area rugs in the bunk areas, dividers, and partitions between the bunk areas, vending machines, washers, dryers, and toaster ovens.

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