Adopt-A-Highway Journey at South Fork Forest Camp

SFFC Work Crew

South Fork Forest Camp started their Adopt-A-Highway Journey with a small 2.25 mile section of HWY 6. The adults in custody (AIC) would walk both sides of the highway, cleaning up litter. Not only did they take on cleaning up the litter as a challenging pursuit, but they also found the work very rewarding after seeing the impact of their efforts.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) noticed the litter cleanup efforts and the impacts it had on the section of the highway and agreed to allow the AIC crews to take on cleaning up the majority of HWY 6 – which is approximately 52 miles long. The AICs would walk roughly 10 miles per day! One day of picking trash, resulted in filling up a 10-yard dumpster with debris.

One AIC on the crew, remarked that is very rewarding for him to do this work so his friends and family can see the results of the efforts. ODOT officials have expressed gratitude for the work of the AICs.

SFFC staff and AIC crews have made a significant impact to the environment and the community with these efforts!