Family First Summer Event

The Family First Club at Oregon State Correctional Institution hosted their annual family barbecue event on Saturday, August 26, 2023.  The club members and their families look forward to this event all year long. There is nothing quite like hanging out in the sun enjoying fun activities, good food, and time with family.

Families enjoyed a variety of activities ranging from family badminton to a bucket brigade race as well as participating in annual scavenger hunt, just to name a few. Fathers watched as their children bounced with glee from one wall to the next in the bouncy house. The squeals and laughter of children could be heard above all the festivities.

A barbecue style lunch was served. Hot dogs and yummy burgers hot off the grill with all the fixings, definitely hit the spot. As the temperatures started to rise, with the afternoon sun, there was always a line for another snow cone. Raising the question of, which flavor of snow cone do I want next?

As the day started to wrap up, families said their goodbyes and began the wait for the next family barbecue.

A huge thank you to all the staff and adults in custody that helped make this event possible!