Toastmasters Club to Host 2024 Anti-Crime Summit Inside the Oregon State Penitentiary

Capital Toastmasters, a Presidents Distinguished Toastmasters International Club within the confines of the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP), announced plans to hold the inaugural OSP Anti-Crime Summit. The 6-hour Summit will be comprised of up to 200 individuals representing a cross-section of Oregon’s key community leaders.

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The Spirit of Giving

Volunteer Work Crew

Every year, the Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) work crew selflessly dedicates their time to bring the spirit of the season to life at the Four Rivers Cultural Center. This dedicated group of adults in custody (AICs) volunteers for the Malheur Council on Aging and the Festival of Trees, transforming the cultural center into a magical holiday display.

The heartwarming holiday fundraiser they contribute to supports vital causes – Meals on Wheels & Help Them to Hope. The AICs don’t just lend a hand; they haul decorations, set up trees, string lights, build playhouses for the auction, and coordinate other merchandise for fundraising efforts.

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7th Step Foundation Hosts: OSP Fair Chance Career Fair

Recently, the 7th Step Foundation, out of Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP) hosted around 20 outside employers and resource providers for their “OSP Fair Chance Career Fair.” The 7th Step Foundation is an adult in custody (AIC) run club with a mission to provide information and resources to bring about positive change. Their mission is supported by the following four pillars: Education, Career, Transformational Healing, and Leadership.

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Lifers’ Unlimited Club: Arisen From Ashes

In the annals of Oregon’s prison history, the year 1968 stands as a somber reminder of one of the most violent and destructive days within the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP). The OSP Riot of 1968 scarred the institution, leaving one prisoner dead, numerous injured, staff held hostage, and the penitentiary grounds engulfed in flames. Yet, from the ashes of this calamity emerged an unexpected glimmer of hope and transformation, embodied in the creation of the Lifers’ Unlimited Club (LUC).

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A Special Graduation and Passing of the Leash Ceremony at EOCI

Earlier this month, a heartwarming and transformative event took place at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI). It marked the fifth Joys of Living Assistance Dogs (JLAD) program graduation and passing of the leash ceremony. AICs, EOCI staff, JLAD volunteers, and the fortunate recipients of these exceptional service animals attended the momentous occasion.

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Eggs to Fry: A Journey of Education and Hope at OSCI

In a remarkable collaboration, the Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI) has partnered with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to bring the “Eggs to Fry” program to life. This initiative marks a unique opportunity for both adults in custody (AIC) and staff to engage with nature, learn about the fascinating life cycle of salmon, and contribute to a meaningful cause.

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Warner Creek Works Towards a Shared Cause

Warner Creek Work Crew

The Warner Creek Correctional Facility (WCCF) community work crew warms the hearts and homes of low-income seniors and veterans through a collaborative community firewood program.

Collins Pine donates logs to the Lake County community that are unsuitable for milling, then the WCCF work crew cuts and splits these logs into firewood. The Lake County Community Corrections crew delivers the firewood to qualifying recipients.

This program is a community driven effort that exists on a voluntary basis through the generosity of several providers.

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CrossFit Games at Two Rivers

The first CrossFit Games at Two Rivers Correctional Institution (TRCI) were met with a high level of intensity. The participants pushed themselves to their physical and mental limits in the 100-degree heat. The course began with a quick Rogue Fan bike ride, then transitioned to burpee pull-ups. The course then moved to the weight section, which included clean and press, dead press, and thrusters. The next section incorporated TRCI’s one and only row machine, followed by medicine ball squats, bear crawls, and finishing with another Rogue Fan bike ride.

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Adopt-A-Highway Journey at South Fork Forest Camp

SFFC Work Crew

South Fork Forest Camp started their Adopt-A-Highway Journey with a small 2.25 mile section of HWY 6. The adults in custody (AIC) would walk both sides of the highway, cleaning up litter. Not only did they take on cleaning up the litter as a challenging pursuit, but they also found the work very rewarding after seeing the impact of their efforts.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) noticed the litter cleanup efforts and the impacts it had on the section of the highway and agreed to allow the AIC crews to take on cleaning up the majority of HWY 6 – which is approximately 52 miles long. The AICs would walk roughly 10 miles per day! One day of picking trash, resulted in filling up a 10-yard dumpster with debris.

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Wildland Suppression Crew at South Fork Forest Camp

The Wildland Suppression Crew from the Oregon Department of Correction’s (DOC) South Fork Forest Camp (SFFC) deployed to Ball Bearing Fire, roughly 12 miles east of Carlton, Oregon. This was only day one of a three-day process. Adults in custody (AICs) and the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) staff took hand tools and water hoses to the side of this mountain. The Wildland Fire Fighters pushed their way through acres of land, cutting and digging deep under stumps, roots, and rocks.

Since 1951, ODF has utilized Oregon Department of Corrections adults in custody to help reforest and protect state forest lands. ODF trains and supervises AIC crews to perform a variety of key forest management and protection projects. It is the largest and oldest work camp in the Pacific Northwest. Work crews perform forest management in eleven counties in northwest Oregon, assist with disaster relief efforts, and engage in fire suppression statewide. In a given year, South Fork Camp can produce up to 28,000-man days of skilled adults in custody labor saving the state millions in labor costs.

This interagency partnership allows adults in custody to gain valuable work skills while providing economic, social, and environmental benefits for Oregonians.