NBA 2K23 Tournament at Two Rivers

Paradigm Shift Club members and tournament participants

The latest installment of the Paradigm Shift Clubs’ (PSC) PS4 video game tournament featured NBA 2K23. In an isolated prison environment where housing units individually provide entertainment and activities, the video game tournament is a place for AICs to socialize and compete with a broader audience.

The Paradigm Shift Club initially proposed the idea last year to administration, but the first event didn’t take place until January, this year. Since then, AICs frequently request video game tournaments for the club to host. The format is now streamlined and requires minimal support from staff. Club members prepare popcorn and serve soda during events along with handling the setup and logistics.

The prison’s design doesn’t allow AICs to participate in many activities across units, but AICs are eager to compete on a larger scale for bragging rights. Past Madden 23 winner, Carrol Ballard (pictured below), grew up playing video games and absolutely loves the tournaments because participating in these activities offers a sense of normalcy to prison.

First place winner: Carrol Ballard (right)
Second place winner: Steven Allan (left)

Active gamer and club staff liaison, J. Cambell, enjoys the video game tournaments because they provide a pro-social activity that brings AICs together from across the institution. He will continue to support the tournaments and make new games available for the population. The PSC hopes to continue this positive trend and host many more tournaments.