The Wall of Inspiration

Brandon Burge

The concept was born from Brandon Burge, a Paradigm Shift Club (PSC) member who has been corresponding with celebrities and pop culture icons during his prison sentence, requesting photos, words of inspiration, and signed memorabilia. Surprisingly, Brandon has received immense support and positive feedback as his collection includes magicians, sports stars, actors, and comedians to name a few.

The purpose of the Wall is to present AICs and families with inspirational content from individuals around the world who have a positive and inspirational message to share in the form of photos, videos, memorabilia, art, and letters. The club sends weekly Wall of Inspiration letters to famous and prominent figures outlining their story and mission, seeking content for the case. The case currently includes personal messages to TRCI on posters from actors Danny Trejo and Donal Logue. The Paradigm Shift Club also received a personal video message from world renowned magician Joshua Jay, as well as Adrian Branch (former NBA player) and David Nevue (pianist), who visited and performed at TRCI last year.

The Wall of Inspiration is now permanently located in the visiting room. It gives the families visiting a sense and belief that their incarcerated loved ones have a community in and outside the walls that supports and believes in positive change.