Native American Spring Celebration at Coffee Creek

Spring Celebration is a First Foods ceremony held by every tribe in the Plateau region. The four sacred foods—salmon, deer meat, roots, and berries—are gathered and prepared traditionally using ancient teachings, songs, and prayer.   

These four foods are high in nutritional value and were the main staple foods of the Native American diet. This ceremony is about renewing the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional self. It is a time of forgiveness and gratitude for Native American people in the region, including Native American adults in custody (AICs) at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF).

AIC Shanna Cole stated, “We are blessed to be together, sing together, and share past suffering. Songs are healing power and allow the hurt inside to let feelings out in music”. 

Trish Jordan from the Red Lodge Transition Services along with several volunteers sponsor the annual Native Spring Celebration Ceremony. Trish was recognized this week as Volunteer of the Year at Coffee Creek for the institution’s National Correctional Officers and Employees week. Oregon Public Broadcasting was also invited to film the ceremony for a documentary. Thank you to OPB, Trish Jordan, and all the volunteers who made this event happen!