Shutter Creek Dog Graduates from JLAD

Adult in custody trainers pose with SCCI dogs

Last Saturday, Joys of Living Assistance Dogs (JLAD) held a graduation ceremony for dogs who have completed the program and were being officially placed with their recipients.  Shutter Creek Correctional Institution (SCCI) was beyond excited to have Saber, one of the institution’s first JLAD dogs, as part of the graduating class. Saber worked with SCCI off and on over the past year and has now been placed with a young family and will be providing support to the mom in that family. You can follow JLAD on Facebook to see more pictures of the ceremony and updates on what the dogs do in their off weeks from SCCI.

Adults in custody learn grooming from a professional

Today, SCCI has two new dogs named Sky and Midori. Adults in custody (AICs) taking part in the JLAD program recently learned grooming skills from a groomer, which is one of the requirements for their certification.  After the grooming, Sky proudly showed off his new haircut.  Right now, both Sky and Midori are learning to master the “visit” command and will be receiving training over the next two weeks on this command and others by AICs.