Shutter Creek Dog Graduates from JLAD

Adult in custody trainers pose with SCCI dogs

Last Saturday, Joys of Living Assistance Dogs (JLAD) held a graduation ceremony for dogs who have completed the program and were being officially placed with their recipients.  Shutter Creek Correctional Institution (SCCI) was beyond excited to have Saber, one of the institution’s first JLAD dogs, as part of the graduating class. Saber worked with SCCI off and on over the past year and has now been placed with a young family and will be providing support to the mom in that family. You can follow JLAD on Facebook to see more pictures of the ceremony and updates on what the dogs do in their off weeks from SCCI.

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Shutter Creek Forestry Crews Tackle Storm Debris

Adults in custody clean up after storms in Douglas County

Adult in custody (AIC) forestry crews out of Shutter Creek Correctional Institution recently helped re-open roadways to local residents after storm debris blocked travel. In just three days, these crews cleared and opened approximately 75 miles of state and country roads, including Highway 38 and 138 – a huge accomplishment!

The debris had left residents in the Scottsburg and Ash Valley areas unable to travel in and out of their own homes. In the image above, AICs on Lutsinger Road in Scottsburg were able to clear the road for about 15 homes that were blocked off.

The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) coordinated with the Oregon Department of Public Transportation (ODOT), Doublad County Public Works Department, and the Coos Forest Protective Association to make this clean-up happen.

Pow Wow at Shutter Creek

Shutter Creek Correctional Institution (SCCI) hosted its first ever Pow Wow for the Native American population! On December 8th, 2018, 25 adults in custody (AICs) participated in the celebration along with 50 family, friends, and guests from the community. The gathering was opened with a grand entry of the flags by adults in custody and guests in traditional regalia. The Pow Wow was celebrated with prayers, drumming, dancing, and sharing.

As a gift for each participant, members of SCCI’s circle designed and painted rocks with bright colors and traditional artwork to commemorate the evening. Thanks to generous community donations, the participants were able to have a wonderful meal of traditional foods, such as buffalo, salmon, steelhead, and fry bread while they celebrated.

This memorable event is possible thanks to the support of Trish Jordan with Red Lodge Transition Services; Volunteer Galen Black; the Coquille Indian Tribe; the Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians; the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians; and the Native American Cultural Association of Oregon for their support of the Native American population at Shutter Creek.

SCCI can’t wait for their next Pow Wow!