Jacobe’s GED

Oregon State Penitentiary celebrates their Behavioral Health Unit’s first GED graduate – Jacobe Owens!

“My name’s Jacobe. I’m 26 and I finally got my GED. Now, I’ve been through a lot regarding this COVID and having to be patient to finish my GED. I finally got it and I really appreciate DOC continuing to be consistent with helping me achieve the GED. I also want to say that no matter what obstacles were in my way, I rose to the top and achieved this. And just because the DOC members and everybody that consistently chose to help get me through this, I will not stop here. I will continue to get my education, going to community college now that I’ve got two free years of college.”

“To all the DOC staff, I thank you.”

Jacobe Owens

Eastern Oregon Celebrates the Power of Education

EOCI grads look upward – the sky’s the limit!

On Friday, December 6, 2019 graduates of the Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) GED program walked in a commencement ceremony at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI) and were recognized for their accomplishments.

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GED Graduates Recognized at Columbia River Ceremony

On April 24, 14 adults in custody (AICs) walked in Columbia River Correctional Institution’s (CRCI) spring GED graduation ceremony. Chief of Security and Interim Superintendent Joe DeCamp spoke to the graduates. CRCI has graduated 30 GED students this year so far, which is a fantastic accomplishment considering it’s one of Oregon’s smaller facilities.

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