On the Edge of Your Seat

Powder River Correctional Facility’s First Chess Tournament

Ms. Geddes makes the honorary opening move in the Championship game with AIC Cara vs. AIC Scalera

The first of hopefully many chess tournaments to be hosted for our AICs, concluded Saturday! AIC Cara took the top seat, beating out AIC Scalera in the championship game.

The tournament brought 13 participants together in the double elimination contest. Players had 15 minutes on their game clocks and would receive a 2 second bonus for each move. In total 32 games were played to complete the bracket.

To start things off one contestant would hold a pawn of each color, one in each hand. While his opponent would pick a hand to determine which pieces each would play for their game.

AIC Scalera finished in second place. AIC Scalera had faced off against AIC Cara in the semi-finals, losing a very competitive game, but won out to face him again in the finals.

AIC Peterson calculates his next move

AIC Peterson came in 3rd place, having fought back from an early loss in the opening rounds Friday. He started out Saturday with quick impressive wins over AIC Yaw and AIC Jackson.

PRCF started its chess club back in October named “en Passant,” a French expression meaning “in passing,” and is a unique rule in chess. The name was chosen as we recognize these AICs are “in passing” through PRCF.

The club goal is to take concepts in the game, such as, thinking of consequences before you move, and applying that in their own lives. We look forward to hosting the next tournament hopefully in July.