Statement of Accomplishment From Adult in Custody – Michael Dodge

Michael Dodge

“I have been incarcerated for 10 years. During my time of incarceration, I have managed to accomplish many programs and developed skills to use in the workforce.

I have worked in maintenance for 2 years, then I worked in the welding shop for 3 years, and currently I work in the electrical shop for the past 5 years. I am also a Fitness/Yoga Instructor for the mental health AICs.  For 3 years, I have been a mentor for other AICs to inspire them to take the road less traveled. 

This October, I successfully completed the Electrical Apprenticeship Program. I am now a licensed Journeyman Electrician. With the electrical license and skills, I have developed, I will be financially stable with a career that is in high demand.

I am proud of my accomplishments and grateful for the support of my family, friends, and the staff here at Two Rivers Correctional Institution for contributing in guiding me through this journey of learning and growing into the fullness of my potential.”


Michael Dodge

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