Snake River Correctional Institution’s – Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk

Event organizers

Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) coordinated their first Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk at the Minimum Facility in September.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, also known as AFSP, provides awareness on suicide prevention and mental health conditions. This platform brings friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers together over all 50 states. It’s a program that allows individuals to connect with others that may have been affected by suicide.

This event was spearheaded by Deanna Branscomb. She worked directly with the SRCI Peer Council AIC Group, the SRCI Executive Team, ESS1 Support, Captain Herrera, and Shea May and Dan Bielenberg from SCI in Salem to obtain all of the information required and prior approvals.

Shea May assisting AICs with the shirt signing

Shea May, from Santiam Correctional Institution took the lead on getting the AICs to sign a shirt in support of the event prior to the walk. This is a tradition they do for each Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk as a keepsake of the event, and for those that shared stories.

AICs gathering wristbands and literature

Resource documents were provided to the adults in custody along with additional wristbands they could share with friends and family.

The AIC Peer Council and Activities Group were instrumental in the success of the event. They prepared all of the meals and assisted with the clean-up.

Peer Council and Activities Group
Memory bibs

Everyone that attended the event had the opportunity to wear bibs with names of individuals they were walking in memory of or support of during the event.

James Howard’s interview

Amber Campbell, Acting Communications Manager, had the opportunity to visit with James Howard who was willing to share his story and what the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk meant to him.

Click the photo to hear his story.

All that attended enjoyed the day walking, supporting the cause, and honor the memory of those who are no longer here due to suicide.

Participants of the SRCI Suicide Prevention Walk