Toastmasters Club to Host 2024 Anti-Crime Summit Inside the Oregon State Penitentiary

Capital Toastmasters, a Presidents Distinguished Toastmasters International Club within the confines of the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP), announced plans to hold the inaugural OSP Anti-Crime Summit. The 6-hour Summit will be comprised of up to 200 individuals representing a cross-section of Oregon’s key community leaders.

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A Toast to the Toastmasters

There is no debate, Theron Hall, cherishes the Toastmasters Club at the Oregon State Penitentiary

The President of the Capital Toastmasters Club tells his story…

Theron Hall, President, Capital Toastmasters

“For twenty plus years, the Oregon State Penitentiary has had support from local colleges and universities, and we have been competing in debates with them. Our goal was to greatly improve our debate program and with the support of our prison administration, College Professors, and our members, we have done just that. In 2009, Professors from Willamette University, Linfield College, and Northwest Christian University began volunteering their time to teach a Parliamentary style debate class to our members. At that point, our debate program began to flourish. In addition to our monthly meetings, cognitive classes, and speech contests, we now hold three debates a year with local colleges and universities and one debate tournament a year.

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Coffee Creek AICs Make History Earning Distinguished Toastmasters Award

Two women housed at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) have become the only two incarcerated women in the nation to earn the Distinguished Toastmasters Award.  This is the highest individual honor you can achieve in Pathways, Toastmasters’ education program. For both Angela Kim and Carolyn Exum, this distinction was over seven years in the making, so we asked them to reflect on the experience in their own words. Read their stories below.

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