Two Rivers Correctional Institution – Weddings and New Attire

TRCI Wedding Event

Two Rivers Correctional Institutions Religious Services Programs support the Oregon Way. In late June, with the assistance of Security Managers and Rehabilitations Service Managers, adults in custody exchanged wedding vows. Exchanging vows wasn’t the only highlight of the day, AICs  were authorized to “dressed up” for the event. Read their stories below.

Joshua Gawith

Joshua Gawith’s Story

“The ability to feel human and enjoy human emotions seeing my family and friends and other people’s families together sharing a moment even being able to congratulate another man on his commitment to marriage wearing a shirt and having the ceremony was almost like I wasn’t in prison and mattered in this world. Being able to kiss my wife and like maybe I had a chance.”

Christopher Williams Story

Christopher Williams

” I was married on June 27, 2022. Being that we were allowed to bring our new purchased shirts to wear during our vows and during the time spent with my family and new wife bonding as one was truly priceless. I just want to thank TRCI for allowing this along with my new experience. I didn’t feel as if I were incarcerated for that time. For that I am willing to share a photo or two to let others know and see the joy and bliss for those moments with my wife.”

Mark Camarena’s Story

Mark Camarena

“My wedding experience was a wonderful one getting to become one with the love of my life. Holding her and kissing her enjoying our special moment with our loved ones. It’s hard to find someone who will stand by you in these hard times. But I finally found my best friend, my soulmate, the better half of me, my beautiful wife and having this experience especially with a different color shirt made it feel real natural because we didn’t have to wear the same old blues.”

Ramen Peña’s Story

Ramon Peña

“I just want to take a moment to thank Chaplin Cardona Chaplin Mendez my good friend and photographer Mike. Also, the whole TRCI staff involved in this year‘s wedding ceremony. I also want to say that although short, the wedding ceremony was still really special for a few reasons: The first and foremost was that I was marrying my amazing beautiful and loving fiancé. The second was because my family was present and able to witness this very special moment. Third was because I honestly felt that there was a great effort to make the wedding ceremony as enjoyable memorable and special as possible. I gave this last reason because we were allowed to have a dress shirt brought in so we could wear it throughout the whole event (a little piece of freedom that I won’t forget) also the pictures we were allowed to take were very nice and memorable and the access to the vending machines was cool. But honestly being able to hug and kiss my wife and being able to hug and spend time with my family freely on this special day was the best. So thank you again all who were present and or involved.”

For more information on marriage and domestic partnership ceremonies at our facilities, please contact a chaplain. You can find contact information for facility chaplains on our Contact Us page.