Powder River Gives Back to Baker City Community

Adults in custody (AICs) housed at Powder River Correctional Facility are encouraged to give back to the community that has graciously allowed the facility to operate inside the city limits for the past 30 years.

Powder River adults in custody stand with the results of the fundraiser!

For the month of March, AICs held a fundraiser that raised nearly $700. This money was used to purchase items for three different local organizations: New Directions Northwest Crisis Center, DHS Child Welfare and the Mayday Foundation. Each organization received care packages, including toys, books, personal hygiene items, Albertson’s gift cards, Subway gift cards, and children’s clothing. AIC Zaste, who participated in the fundraiser, expressed that “as people who are able, it is our duty to help those that are in need. I want these children to know that there are people in this world who care.”

More of the items given to local organizations

The AICs put together 30 bags total—with 10 big bags going to each organization. The experience was very meaningful for the men involved in the fundraiser. AIC LaNear shared, “Baker City has been a vital part of my recovery and rehabilitation through the Alternative Incarceration Program at Powder River Correctional Facility and becoming a pro-social member of a community is to give back. Thank you for allowing me to do that”

AIC Grisham also saw the opportunity to give back, and said it is part of his change process: “I have taken so much from my community in the past and having the chance to give back gives me hope that change is possible for me.” AIC Mastriano shared similar feelings, saying, “I really enjoyed participating…to be able to give back a little for the all the years of taking.”